About Us

I’m Dana Summers, the artist behind 31Summers Jewelry and Design. I’m excited you clicked by to check out my work! 

My journey with creating handmade gifts started early in life and was inspired by my “Granny Jean.” She was a master seamstress and avid crafter with plenty of supplies to go around. I spent lots of time in her sewing room, watching her work. She taught me the ropes on crafting and DIY with patience and love.

In 2006 I started 31Summers as an online shop for my handsewn and fabric DIY work. I loved to do it so why not? Shortly after, a bead shop opened across from my full-time workplace. I went to check it out on lunch and… never left!

I started with simple, beaded patterns and started teaching classes at the bead shop shortly after. This opened my eyes to the endless creative opportunity in jewelry design - the supplies, the styles, the customization. Wire and nontraditional components are my favorites but I am a free-spirit in the creative world. My niche is - no niche at all! You’ll find steampunk, classic, and minimalist pieces, no two in the shop exactly alike. 

My mission is to create beautiful handmade jewelry without limiting myself or my audience. I strive to offer affordable, quality pieces, whether premade or custom ordered, that are handmade with creativity and love. That feeling should be available to anyone and everyone, finances aside. 

Thank you for supporting my dream and feel free to reach out below!